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Update on CWD

14 Jul 2023 3:23 PM | Anonymous
My takeaway is as follows: 

1.  2017 FWC CWD Plan at this time is still what is happening

2.  CWD Zone is as defined on 6/19/23

3.  No baiting ( feeders or mineral licks) within the CWD zone, but OK outside of it at this time

4.  Can bait hog traps so long as deer can not get to the feed

5.  Food plots and ag crops are permitted within the CWD zone

6.  NO transportation of any live deer into or removed from the CWD zone

7.  Depredation/Harvest Goal within the CWD zone this year may be as high as 600 deer

8.  All animals harvested including road killed deer are to be tested within the CWD zone 

     at no cost to the hunter or individual.  Test sites to be established and the public informed.

9.  Harvest/ Bag restrictions, including antlerless deer permits and antler restrictions, will be             changing prior to this hunting season in order to help meet the Harvest Goal. 

10. Any captive deer that die within the CWD zone are to be tested as well.

Please let me know if there is anything vital that is missing.  I believe that we should get this info to the public via our website asap.  It would also probably be helpful to include the link so that others could watch the meeting themselves.

Thanks everyone.

Dr Bill Leffler

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